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Kirkham Methodist Church

We aim to be a church that is inclusive of all.


You are most welcome at Kirkham Methodist Church on your own terms regardless of your race, gender identity, sexuality, ability, background or current life circumstances.

We want to be a church where each and every person feels equally valued and encouraged to bring their true selves to our worship and work so that we can truly reflect the full diversity of God’s kingdom.

We are actively working towards this goal and still have a lot to learn. We will make mistakes, we will get it wrong at times, but our intent is to be a community where every member can fully belong and fully express their God-given gifts.

We’d love to encourage you to join, serve and lead in any area of the church according to your gifts. If you want to explore opportunities to get more involved, or if you see areas where we are not meeting our aim of being fully inclusive, please do speak to Stuart Wild or a church steward. 

As a step on the way we are delighted that we are now able to perform marriages and blessings for same sex couples.

Please do contact us should you require any further information 

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